Slice O Matic

Few home cooks are able to duplicate the perfect and even slices of fruit and vegetables found in a restaurant. The promise of the Slice O Matic is to have picture perfect slices, and even more tempting the ability to cut down on prep time. Perhaps the biggest interest some customers have  is the ability to have Julienne carrots and fries fast and easily.

Looking for Healthier Choices 

Most of us would like to add healthier choices such as raw fruits and vegetables to meals at home, but slicing and making Julienne style vegetables take time. The results of attempts to make Julienne carrots, fries or other vegetables usually aren’t even close to flawlessness of those found in magazines or online photos. After working all day, spending a messy night working around the kitchen feels like too much trouble, and opening a can of vegetables isn’t as tasty, but this is easier.

Faster and Cleaner then Knives 

This slicer is promoted as being able to slice and even Julienne carrots quickly, and without any mess. Perfect slices every time is a possibility few rushed cooks can pass up, but naturally most want to know what to expect first.

The unit is well packaged, and few customers report any problem such as broken parts on delivery. Right out of the box there’s some good and bad news about this product First, the unit arrives in pieces, which need to put together. The manufacturer is very clear regarding the customer’s need to observe care around the blades. Anyone who’s chopped vegetables knows a nice sharp blade is required for crisp slices, and this is exactly what you get with this vegetable special slicer.

Two blades come packaged with the unit. One is a sharp slicing blade, and the other is the Julienne Blade. It’s stressed in the instructions not only to be careful when assembling the unit and cleaning the blades, but it’s also important to use the unit correctly. Putting the hands or fingers near the placement area for the food chute can result in serious harm. Always keep the food chute in place whenever operating the machine in order to avoid injury.

Note: All the accessories and items in this slice o matic package were  included when ordering at official site. You can find different websites offering similar products but this review is about the original as seen on tv ordered at the official site.

 the slicer have arrived

Out of the Box and into the Kitchen 

The unit is lightweight and this makes some uses of the device easier, since moving from one place to another is simple. You can also have a few choices when using the device. When you want to change the slicing thickness for you need to place the unit on a flat surface and unlock the Main Body and Catch Container. You will find the gray adjustment bar under the main body. For thicker slices you move the bar to the right and for thinner slices you move the bar to the left. It might take a few tries to discover where to set the bar to get the slices exactly the width you want.


vegetable slicer

The Good and the Bad 

Slicing vegetables is a bit more complicated than it appears in the Tv commercial. Here the lightweight quality of the unit is not a plus. The food chute must be in place to slice or Julienne, and the recommendation from the manufacturer is to use only gentle pressure to push the vegetable down. Unfortunately not every piece of fruit or vegetable will go all the way the chute using only “gently pressure”, and since it’s necessary to push the arm down with one hand to keep the blades slicing, the process can become awkward. Some foods such as zucchini can cause the unit to jam. A few fruits will need to be cut with a knife to fit down the food chute.

Assembling the unit isn’t that difficult, and it stores easily. Some who purchased the Slice O Matic didn’t believe the videos or ads mention that the units aren’t dishwasher safe. In fact, while it’s not specifically mentioned not to place the product in a dishwasher, the video does mention taking the device apart to clean the blades, and shows the unit being hand washed. The instructions clearly state the device isn’t dishwasher safe.

Customer’s Reviews

Some customers who’ve reviewed the product weren’t satisfied with the construction.

I’ve given it several chances with different veggies and it fails miserably. Quite dangerous to change the sharp julienne blades and is NOT dishwasher safe…

It takes more effort than I thought and it’s very cheaply made and kind of a hassle to clean…

Others find it hard to operate the slicing arm for the blades while holding the food in place. A press also comes with the Slice O Matic, but this is still difficult for some users of the product.

… The item is not good for anyone with weak hands or arthritis…

Not every customer saw the unique build as awkward or difficult to manage.

I bought this for my mother, and she uses it every day. She likes to use it to slice up fruit for breakfast…

Trial and Error 

All in all the Slice O Matic does deliver on the promise of evenly sliced vegetables and fruit, but for the majority of home cooks using the device will take some trial and error in getting it to work every time.

Learning to Care For Yourself

Learning to Care For Yourself
Perhaps you take care of a busy family, or you work in a bustling office. Perhaps you care for a parent or love one, or you see to the financial security of others. If you ever considered what would happen if you weren’t in this picture, if your presence was missing even for a short time you understand the importance of taking care of yourself. Self-care isn’t a matter of egotism it’s a practical method of ensuring you are around to continue meeting the needs of people who count on you.

There’s more to taking care of yourself than just taking a day off occasionally. Seeing to your own emotional and physical health will keep you in the picture longer, and in the end will allow you to continue to touch and enrich the lives around you.

Becoming a Foodie

The old saying that you are what you eat is to an extent true. Those of us living rushed lives often find ourselves pulling up to the drive through window at a fast food place to grab the grease encrusted bag thrust at us and eat on the run. Or we stand staring at a microwave willing it to hurry so we can wolf down a limp T.V. dinner or burrito that’s still a little a frozen in the middle. This isn’t going to satisfy your body’s nutritional needs, and it’s not going to keep you happy emotionally.

As important as it is to take supplements to ensure you meet your daily quota of necessary vitamins, minerals and fiber intake, the best source of nutrition is always fresh food. Spending some time in the kitchen you can have fresh salads, and an actual meal with a few minutes prep.

Wellness and Happiness

So many things we take for granted are dependent on having the right combinations of nutriment. Consider the music you are entertained by while driving in the car, or working in the kitchen. A deficiency in vitamin D can result in hearing loss according to research. Eating right, and enjoying what you eat will improve how you feel physically, and how much you appreciate your life.

Good Meals Fast

Good nutrition doesn’t have to taste bad or take too much time. Less than hour in the kitchen and with the right recipe you can have a stuffed burger loaded with extras, and a delicious salad on the side. Compared this with the flat patty from a fast food place coupled with soggy, greasy fries, and you will quickly see why this is not only a healthier choice, it’s also the more enjoyable one.

Find a Hobby

Events in a day speed by, and it’s easy to find yourself sitting in front of a television all night. Unless you spend this time chatting with others about episodes this is usually a passive activity, which merely passes the time. A hobby such as learning to play an instrument, picking up a craft, reading, drawing, or even video gaming brings more to life than time spent docilely watching television shows.

Taking Care of Hair and Skin

The focus of taking care of the hair and skin care is usually on beauty, but busy people are usually under a lot of stress, which can harm the physical health of skin and hair.  Along with applying beauty products to the skin it’s also critical to take a few minutes to see that it’s moisturized, and protected from damaging UV rays with sunscreen. A good nightly regime of cleaning, toning, and moisturizing the skin can prevent some health problems and will also help in sleeping comfortably.

Along with the hair styling products used to make the hair manageable, it’s also a good plan to take a few minutes each week for special hair treatments to replace lost moisture. There are moisturizing products that even work on hair that has a perm or is color treated. Use the few extra minutes in the bath to relax, and luxuriate in pampering yourself.

Finding Time in Your Schedule

Skipping on your own care usually has a negative effect. When you’re tired, and not eating correctly it’s hard to concentrate, and any additional stress can cause you to become frustrated, or edgy. Finding the time in your schedule to take care of your wellbeing and your body’s needs is meaningful both physically and psychologically. Having a proper diet, outlets for your own enjoyment, and feeling confident allows you to meet the stress of being a breadwinner, or caretaker.

For some people starting a self-care routine feels a little selfish, but soon most realize they are better able to meet the demands of their day, and the needs of those around them with a more positive attitude, and greater energy. The better you care of your mind and body the more you are able to give back to others.

Slice-O-Matic Reviews

Slice-O-Matic Official Site

Slice-O-Matic Official Site

For those who love to cook, there is now a helpful kitchenware that enables you to finish your work in shorter time. This is the slice-o-matic which helps you automatically slice vegetables, fruits, spices, and many more in just short span of time. Compare to the regular knife, it took you longer minutes to finish your slicing whereas with slice-o-matic, it enables you to prepare everything easily and without much mess. It also allows you to slice the vegetables with uniform sizes which you cannot do it with a knife. This also enables you to cook a very presentable dish. Unlike with the traditional knife where it takes you lots of energy and effort in slicing foods. This also usually causes you so pain in your muscle or numbness in your hands and sometimes hurt yourself with it when you accidentally cut your finger. But with slice-o-matic it provides a convenient and comfortable slicing of foods.

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The amazing features of this slice-o-matic are its easy glide which allows you to slice everything with ease. It can cut vegetables and fruits in three ways which is slice type, chopped typed, and the Julienne type. It can easily slice potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, squash, and many more. This can also presentably slice fruits uniformly. This has an adjustable dial which you can easily use to choose the thickness you would want in slicing fruits and vegetables. It has a very sharp chopping blade which you can use for chopping the ingredients into pieces and a Julienne blade if you want Julienne type of cut for your dish. All of the chopped ingredients are kept clean because this has a handy catch container where these cut foods are contained.

Visit Slice O Matic Official Site Now

Slice-O-Matic Official Site

Slice-O-Matic Official Site

It has an easy glide handle that permits you to cut foods in a matter of seconds only. Transferring the cut foods is also made it effortless for you. You can safely transfer all of this in a plate or in the pan without staining your hands. You can even cut all of these blindfolded which you cannot do with a knife. You can everything according to your desired sizes and shapes.

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This makes your preparation of your foods more enjoyable. You will be able to prepare more delectable foods for your family or friends. It is also easy for you to clean this. All you have to do is remove the container and wash it in tap water then let it dry before you keep it in your kitchen shelf.

This is the type of kitchen utensils that you will surely like to have in your own kitchen. It provides more convenience and comfort in the preparation of your delectable dishes.

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Official Site

Visit Slice O Matic Official Site Now

Slice-O-Matic for Delicious Dishes

Slice-O-Matic Official Site

Slice-O-Matic Official Site

Cooking is a totally a relaxing habit. When you cook, it will relieve your stress and can probably make you more creative and talented in the field of culinary.

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In terms of preparing your ingredients, it is always a great factor if you have tools and utensils which can perfectly make your dish delightful and delicious enough to eat. As long as these utensils and materials of yours are functional and effective in helping you attain your goals and objectives for a particular recipe, then the outcome will always be in favour of you.

These utensils are also used to make your kitchen work faster and desirable. So in case of looking for utensils and material in your kitchen, always make sure that they are very effective and profitable to use.

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Slice O Matic is one of the most effective and profitable equipment that you can avail for the perfection of your recipes and dishes.

As long as you have this material, the assurance of making your foods delicious and delightful to eat is always possible.

The Slice O Matic is actually used to slice ingredients that have to be cut into very thin pieces. Its purpose is to give you ingredients that are finely sliced and chopped. With Slice O Matic in your kitchen, the process of slicing your ingredients will always be in a faster and efficient manner.

Visit Slice O Matic Official Site Now

Here are some of the Slice O Matic Features

The blade which composes this Slice O Matic is very effective in chopping and slicing your ingredients. So whenever you look forward for the finely sliced food, then all you need to do is to avail Slice O Matic.

Another thing that you can notice in this Slice O Matic is that the foods and placed at the top for the slicing process. This feature will make you safer while slicing the ingredients that you need for cooking.

The handle which is managing the cutting process is very easy to utilize. You will just move it in an up-and-down motion, no hassle, just wait for your ingredients to be sliced as perfect as you want them to be.

The basket that is under the Slice O Matic is clear in appearance and its function is to catch and properly accommodate the sliced foods.

Aside from slicing and chopping, Slice O Matic can also perform julienne.

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Slice O Matic can be adjusted for the different sizes of food and variations of cutting method.

Chefs and housewives will now feel comfortable in preparing ingredients by the help given by Slice O Matic.

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Reviews

Whether you are fond of cooking or lives in the same home with someone who is fond of cooking, your kitchen equipment needs to be the best. Your kitchen equipment needs to be effective and quick in terms of slicing vegetables and fruits such as Slice-O-Matic. This kitchen tool is a portable food equipment that dices and slices a range of ingredients in an instant. This product is expected to lessen your food preparation while providing even and uniform slices for vegetables and fruits. Aside from its claimed convenience, this product is a safer alternative than knives since blades aren’t exposed with slice-o-matic. The features of this product comprise its easy-glide control for effortless slicing, thickness choice dial and neat catch container. The slice-o-matic also contains several types of blades in order to provide a variety of food preparation necessities, as well as a unique blade for julienne cuts.

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This product is among the best kitchen tools that are usually utilized for slicing solid vegetables and fruits. If you are into cooking and preparing foods, then you

need to immediately purchase slice-o-matic. In fact, cooks and other common housewives choose to better make us of slice-o-matic due to its outstanding features, functions and uses. Owning a slice-o-matic kitchen tool plays an excellent part on your everyday cooking. With slice-o-matic, you can simply cook and get your food ready without spending too much effort and time. In addition, with slice-o-matic, you do not need to make use of other kitchen equipment only to make the slicing designs more efficient. This slicing product is extremely remarkable since it can make foods more presentable and respectable. By using slice-o-matic, fruits and vegetables are appropriately sliced hinging on your chosen shapes, sizes and styles.
If you are watching cooking programs on your television, you’ll certainly known how this vegetable slicer works. This slice-o-matic isn’t an average kind of slicing kitchen equipment. The slice-o-matic can necessarily change your preparation for your food into an exceptional performance. In contrast to usual means of slicing foods, you must cut the foods for a variety of kinds prior to getting your preferred sizes and shapes. In addition, you must spend much time in slicing particularly once your knife isn’t extremely sharp. With slice-o-matic, you do not need to perform this whenever you like to cook and prepare foods for the entire family. By using this kitchen tool, the solid vegetables and fruits are firmly sliced with the same sizes and shapes.

Visit Slice O Matic Official Site Now

Purchasing slice-o-matic can never mess up the budget for your family. Actually, slice-o-matic is extremely cheap. The manufactures of this kitchen tool promises that their product can attain the demands of all kinds of customers.

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Exclusive Reviews


If you are the chief cook in your house you know how time consuming it can be to slice and chop fruit and vegetables by hand and by how expensive those food processors can be there just seems to be no middle ground between spending endless hours in the kitchen slicing and chopping or spending money you may not want to spend for a machine that will chop and slice for you. At least that seemed to be the case before the slice-o-matic came along.

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The slice-o-matic is an expensive solution to many peoples slicing and chopping problems. This hand run slicer will slice fruits and vegetables to various thicknesses, make julienne veggies, and even chop those vegetables for soup or those fruits for making pies and and preserves. According to the slice-o-matic official website this is the most efficient cost effective machine you can have in your kitchen. But, how what do the slice-o-matic reviews have to say about this kitchen slicer.

Slice-O-Matic Features

Before we see what the slice-o-matic reviews have to say let’s look at some of the features of this simple machine.

・ Blades are inside the slice-o-matic to make slicing and chopping vegetables safer.

・ Fruit and vegetables load from the top.

・ The handle pumps up and down which operates the cutting action

・ the bottom of the machine is a clear basket that cuts the foods you chop or slice

・ slices, julienne, and chops

・ adjust the slice-o-matic to cut fruits and vegetables at various thicknesses.

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What the Slice-o-matic Reviews Have To Say

The slice-o-matic reviews seem to be all over the board with some users loving this slicer and others feeling it is a pure waste of money. The largest complaints from most users is the small feed tube. The circumference of the tube only allows you to slice extremely small vegetables and fruits and so unless you want to cut those potatoes and apples in half before slicing it really didn’t slice like many users expected.

However, other slice-o-matic reviews were more positive with users stating that this little machine saved a lot of time when cutting and chopping vegetables, was quite sturdy and easy to use. Most users did state that this slicer did not do a good job on slicing tomatoes.

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While the slice-o-matic can save some time in the kitchen and make short work of slicing and chopping vegetables there still may need to be some cutting done by hand as the feed tube is quite small and can’t process larger fruits and vegetables.  The julienne feature was a definite plus in many users eyes.  While some users love this slicer it certainly didn’t suit everyone’s taste and there were several slice-o-matic reviews that showed some users were sadly disappointed in this machine.

Visit Slice O Matic Official Site Now

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Exclusive Review

The slice-o-matic is the best equipment to slice and cut your way to simple food preparation in no time. The slice-o-matic enables you to cut your preparation time in half. This plain equipment enables all people who are fond of cooking to lessen their preparation time particularly in slicing a variety of ingredients. The slice-o-matic will surely be appreciated a lot of people particularly those people who just have enough time to cook, working mothers are an example.

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Cuisine preparation takes much time than cooking but due to slice-o-matic, this equipment makes cooking preparation faster. Also, the slice-o-matic makes cooking extremely enjoyable to perform. Thus, if you have gone weary of cooking for the reason that preparation takes too much time or if you have endangered the nutrients in the food of your family because you are buying readily-cut vegetables and fruits and you are simply not aware that they are really fresh or not, then having a slice-o-matic will end the days of you being lazy to cook. The slice-o-matic will do the slicing and cutting for you.
The slice-o-matic slices all kinds of food from vegetables to rock solid fruits. You simply have to glide the handle of slice-o-matic as even rock solid foods are easily sliced and quicker. Even slicing hard potatoes in making salad potatoes can never take much of your time. In addition, slicing onions can be done in an instant with slice-o-matic. The slice-o-matic also enables you to have identical slices for your desired dish’s ingredients. The slice-o-matic can also be used to slice kiwis, carrots, beefs and apples.

Visit Slice O Matic Official Site Now

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Official Site

The slice-o-matic features a superior Julienne Blade. The Julienne Blade enables you to slice vegetables and every other ingredient in cuts and shapes that are needed in preparing a soup. Decreasing your time for preparing food can spare you not just your time but the health of your family as well from the risks of eating ready to cook or ready to eat foods bought from the marketplace that you are unsure if they are sliced fresh.

Below are list slice-o-matic’s features:

  1. Easy glide grip that allows the user to cut with ease
  2. Cut potatoes, carrots, onions and many more
  3. Adjust dial in order to change the thickness of cuts
  4. Has a Julienne Blade and a slicing blade
  5. Handy catch container that contains food


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As this piece of equipment enables you to cut the entire vegetables and fruits with ease in an instant, there are considerations that users should know about or even be aware of. Below are list of reminders for users on how to carefully use slice-o-matic:

  • Slice-o-matic should not be used by children below 10 years old
  • Slice-o-matic has very sharp blades that can lead to injuries
  • To prevent harm, use excessive caution when cleaning, attaching and handling its blades
  • Slice-o-matic should not be used without food chute
  • To guarantee safety, be certain to keep finger and hands
  • Slice-o-matic’s press only needs gentle pressure and is best utilized with leafy vegetables

Visit Slice O Matic Official Site Now

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Review

Slice-O-Matic Official Site

Slice-O-Matic Official Site

There have been attempts to make chopping easier as long as there has been, well, chopping itself. No one likes to arm himself with a heavy and dangerous knife, hold on to a little vegetable, and pump his hand up and down. Not only chopping vegetables and fruits immensely tiring and time consuming, it is also potentially dangerous. Every would-be chef has at least one horror story of chopped fingers and injured hands.

Slice-O-Matic is one of the latest advancements in “chopping science” and takes a unique approach to slicing, dicing and chopping fruits and vegetables. Featuring a unique gear driven system, the Slice-O-Matic pumps up and down, slicing through the toughest of veggies with ease.

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At the heart of the Slice-O-Matic are a set of deluxe, heavy-duty stainless steel blades that make little work of the toughest of potatoes and slice clean through the softest of tomatoes. Unlike other slicers/dicers, which require you to slide the vegetable across a blade, the Slice-O-Matic uses a pumping action. You can operate the “pump” with a single finger, making it as easy to use as a toaster or microwave.

Each time you press down – or ‘pump’ – on the Slice-O-Matic handle, a blade powered by a 30 point gear system slides the vegetable into the chopping blades. The end result is slices as thin as paper.

The Slice-O-Matic includes a variety of blades – a slicing blade, one blade for dicing vegetables, and another for julienne cuts. The results with all these different blades are equally impressive.

Slice-O-Matic’s unique design makes it incredibly safe to use. The pumping motion is so easy that even a child could use it (though we’d certainly not recommend that!). But perhaps more importantly, this quick slicing/dicing system can cut down your chopping time in half. After a hectic day, those extra few minutes shaved from your cooking time really become important.

Additionally, Slice-O-Matic is dishwasher safe as well.

Visit Slice O Matic Official Site Now

You can get a pair of Slice-O-Matics for just $19.95 – an incredibly low price for such an intuitive chopping system, especially when compared to competing systems that often range in hundreds of dollars. As part of a current promotion, the company is also including a ‘surprise’ gift with the purchase worth $20 – though your guess is as good as ours as to what this surprise gift could be.

All in all, the Slice-O-Matic is a very useful device that could easily become the most important accessory in your kitchen. It is easy to use and can shave hours from your cooking time every week.


Slice O Matic Official Site

Slice O Matic Official Site


Slice-O-Matic takes a unique approach to the age old problem of chopping fruits and vegetables. Adopting a gear powered system, the Slice-O-Matic can power through an entire sack of potatoes in minutes. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Slice-O-Matic and its various features.

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